Russell O. "Dr. Russ" David Earn Your Wings! Phoenix Aviation - Drones Are Drones In Your Future? This is a great question to have the answer to while you're still young... or you're about to retire from the military! Oh  yes, there are multitudes of career opportunities available to anyone who has the nerve to pursue them. However, most of the good ones, which offer the opportunity to make an above average income require some, or a great deal of, very expensive education.  Finally, there comes along a career opportunity that requires, no college, no experience to pursue, and only the persistence to make it work for you to earn lots of money, even before graduating from high school. For those who have grown up playing video games, flying a drone would be second nature! Get your FAA drone license at age *14. Own your drone service business by the time you graduate from high school. No college degree is required t